Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Lose Hope at Wang Ta Krai

I love Jintara Poonlarb. She comes from Roi Et, in Issan, Thailand.

I went to her concert and she said I was a very handsome man.

Her hairstyle is very cute. I especially like the sound of her voice when she is singing. This song is so sad. I cannot understand it, but I think she really understands how hard life can be.

I hope she becomes a politician.

If you understand this music, I hope you will translate it for me into English, or write the Thai words in English. I would like to learn this song.

Lose Hope at Wang Ta Krai

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Swiss Muesli

I remember the first time i had this for breakfast. I didn't know how to pronounce it, and called it mew-zelleee. I wondered what the picture of the mountain was on the packet, it turned out to be the Matterhorn. The cereal was from Switzerland. It it was very tasty, but somewhat expensive relative to toher breakfast cereals.

A while ago i went shopping at the supermarket with my brother and since he was paying i slipped in a box of gourmet muesli. It was *so* expensive! He was not too happy when he found out how much it cost and even less so when he discovered i had eaten it all before he had a chance to try some.

Recently we went out shopping again and he left me alone with the trolley for a while. After getting back he asked whether i had snuck in another box of highly expensive breakfast food and he began searching for where i might have hidden it.

I told him, yes, I had found a really tremendously good box. I was delighted to tell him as he was looking through the shopping that i had chosen the finest muesli on offer: it was entirely grown on a ten acre plot of organic land in the heart of Geneva city, by the lake. Every item in the box was grown organically there by a staff of post-docs who hand pick every grape and berry and select only the best 20%, returning the remainder to compost to make a natural and non harmful mulch for future crops. The farm that grows this produce donates half of its profits to a foundation to help battered Swiss women pay for lawyers to take legal action on their behalf, and also to pay for the spa resort in which they are housed until they make a complete recovery from their ordeals. In addition a large percentage of the revenue goes towards the box itself, which is made from a extremely rare type of rice paper grown only upon the estates of the Empress of Japan, who signs each sheet of "washi" herself in gold leaf.
Each box contains 290 grammes and costs 180$.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005



I like rivers, especially gigantic ones.

When i have a good map i enjoy looking at the big rivers and the routes they follow. I imagine being at the mouth of such a river a thousand years or more ago, before there were maps, not knowing how far the river went, but knowing that it could lead a huge distance.

In my imagination i love to picture myself at the mouth of the Amazon, or the Nile or Mississippi or perhaps somewhere in China by the Yangtze... or the Rhine... But most of all I think about the Amazon. It is huge. That enormous river opens up the whole of the interior to trade and transport... I imagine founding a city at the mouth of such a river and seeing it grow. Not too close so that floods would wash out all the progress, but near enough to take advantage of the fresh water and traffic that would flow along its banks.

Recently I learned an amazing thing: long ago, when the continents of africa and south america were joined, the Congo, another huge river, flowed into the Amazon, which drained into what is now the Pacific. What a gargantuan, colossal river that must have been! I would dearly love to see a map of how Amazon-Congo river coursed through the land. I can only dream of what city i would found at the mouth of that stupendous flow of fresh water.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Miss Personality

Recently i have noticed beauty pageants are in the news and, well, that kind of gets my attention. I enjoy listening to the beauty queens discussing their opinions, like, i want to help animals and children... But over the past few years there seems to be a growing number of beauty queens that are saying things like, "I want to show the world that beauty queens are not just beautiful faces; there is more to us than just our looks." In fact, the competitions now are changing the rules so that the beauty queens no longer walk around in bikinis all the time. In addition, the judges now have a special section where the contestants must talk, and this is included in the scoring.

I don't know what you think about this. Certainly, I have my own opinions. Perhaps the organizers should start up an additional competition called Miss Personality, where we cannot see the women at all... That would truly help the world. Young girls could dream about becoming miss personality, and spend hours making their personality better rather than having to spend time in the gym and tanning lounge. I think it would be hugely popular, much more so than miss teen america or miss pearl of the orient, don't you think?


Saturday, October 08, 2005


eat the eater

This photograph tells an amazing story: a story of a world of mouths feeding off other mouths; ferocious creatures devouring each other while they themselves are being devoured.

In this battle, the aligator must have continued trying to eat the python even after the python had eaten the aligator. Can you imagine the desparation of that struggle? How frantically the aligator must have been trying to bite the snake! How determinedly the snake must have been containing the aligator until it was ripped asunder in the struggle.

The fierceness of the animal world is terrifying.

Friday, September 23, 2005


diet : how to lose weight

I would like to lose 10KG weight.

I was thinking this as i was eating the most delicious vanilla ice-cream i had had in years. It is not easy for me to eat ice-cream. If there is any milk in it, i refuse to eat it but this stuff had no eggs and no milk, in fact it was entirely vegan! (UR Station restaurant). I had three courses of ice cream, two wonderful sticky buns and a delicious mock-ham and salad bagel.

Anyway, i want to tell you a brilliant idea for losing weight. It is a little bit like eating ice-cream, too :) (Do i now have your attention?)

Human temperature is 37 degrees C. Some ice-water is, say, 7 degrees, ie, 30 degrees less than body heat.

So, raising the temperature of 1cm cubed of water by 1 degree requires 1 calorie.
Raising 1 litre (1000 cm3) by 30 degrees requires 30,000 calories, aka 30 kilo calories. When i urinate that litre of water out, i would lose 30 calories of heat!
If I drank 10 litres of ice-water each day (and for sure, I would definitely be urinating a lot then) i would lose 300 calories a day.

Additionally to all this, cold increases the bodies metabolism so i would with a speeded up metabolism burn off more energy when i was at rest.

So, that is how to lose weight easily!

It is amazing, isn't it? If only i could work out how to do this trick with ice-cream instead of ice-water :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


my suit is made from the bark of a tree

and my shoes are made of flowers.
I wore them both to an interview today too :)
On the way home i became drenched in the rain as i ride a bicycle. But my suit and shoes must have been very happy.

When i can i will show you a picture.
btw, i think they liked me in the interview :)

Monday, September 19, 2005


Obey the Chihuahua

obey the chihuahua.wav


Monkey Milk

Hello. Did you have breakfast, gentle reader?

The French, vive la difference, begin their day with chocolate, or Sho-ko-la. While this is an excellent idea in principle, don't you feel that the rest of the day would be an anti-climax?

The common way to enjoy sho-ko-la in the morning is as cereal, eg coco pops. People pour on milk and think it is normal. They think also that they are normal. But, really, who considers what they put into their body? Milk of a cow?? Wouldn't milk of a monkey be more normal?

i want to say, use soya milk.



I was at reduced mental capacity this weekend. For too long i had been gaping at a full moon, and the effects caught up with me. I most of all try to open my mouth as wide as possible to let the moonbeams in as far as possible inside my head, to the core of my brain. That is the best way.

What did i accomplish on Sunday? Very little,however i did find a few lists of 100 greatest guitar solos of all time and "100 best punk songs ever". I was so upset at the punk rock list i wrote to the editor requesting that he at least include one song of each of some of my favourite punk bands: Crass, Killing Joke and The Stranglers... I hope he will update his list. Other bands I had never heard of had multiple listings!

Friday, September 09, 2005


Hrithik Roshan, Indian Super-Star

Thursday, September 08, 2005


World Literacy Day

Well, to mark this occasion i thought I would write something.

I am very happy at the moment. I am in Thailand and am surrounded by beautiful, young ladies in elegant white blouses and very chic black pencil skirts. It is quite different from japan: the thai girls have big, round eyes and their sense of humour is rather funny.

I went to see an Indian movie star last weekend. He has permed hair and a double thumb: Hrithik Roshan. In India he is as popular as David Beckham. I got his autograph. He signed his name and wrote: "Believe in love always". I admired his gigantic biceps.

After seeing Hrithik I began thinking about my own hair style, which is receding. It is receding except in the middle so I seem to be growing a mohican. I don't know what to do. Nature is making me a punk rocker. Does anybody have an idea what to do in this situation?

I won't right now, but next time i would like to tell you about Bangkok Fashion Week and I hope to put up a few photos for you. The show was *fantastic*!

If you have been visiting me from time to time, thank you for your patience. I think i will start writing more often again.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005



I just got back from SE Borneo. Lovely people. Friendly, interested and helpful. I have some photos but won't have them up for viewing for quite a while.

I am wondering what it would be like to start a hydroponics farm. I think i would enjoy it but what would i grow? Psychedelic mushrooms? Fresh, crispy lettuce? Absolutely gigantic courgettes? The more i think about it the more i see the organic hydroponic spinach stretching out before my eyes, acre after acre.

I could be happy there with my windmills and my loincloth.

Saturday, March 12, 2005


The best thing to do with justice is keep people away from it.

The link below is to a 'justice' system that has remained as it has because of the total disinterest of the electorate.

Monday, February 28, 2005


Hot Cinamon roll with GInger Ice Cream

This might not sound like a recipe for big muscles but it is what i want to eat after i go to the gym. Actually the place i have found all that good stuff is vegan! Man, it is GOOOD!

Yesterday i got some ice and was pouring strawberry soya milk over it and knocking it back with great joy. I am surrounded by strawberries these days so i think tomorrow i will go out and get some fresh ones and mash them. What i don't eat with my strawberry soya milk i can put on my face to make myself beautiful!

Saturday, February 26, 2005


I don't know where I am going but I know where I have been

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands

Monday, February 14, 2005


My Computer is Haunted

Hello again everybody! I have a chance to write again and hopefully will be able to do a little bit more regularly again now that I have some time again. If you want to make any comments you are welcome!

I want to tell you about my computer. I love my computer very much. I built it myself. If somebody wants to take it from me i would say you can have it when you prize it from my cold, dead fingers...

But I killed the thing I love!

A while ago I turned it on with the voltage set incorrectly... BANG! Thick smoke poured out from the back of the machine as its spirit went into computer heaven.

It did not look good.

I kept hope though and did surgery on the chassis. I took out the Power Supply Unit (It was a really good PSU, custom made in japan ;) I was annoyed that this beautiful bit of kit was destroyed by my stupidity.

The man at the shop took it and said he would try. The next day i returned and could see the PSU pwoering a chassis fan. Great! My heart leaped.

I took it home and brought my machine to life again! I was so happy. Of course it had lost its mind a bit. Only 750MB of memory was left as i had lobotomized the RAM. No matter.

What was strange, and indeed supernatural happened next.

I finished working on the computer and turned it off. Then i left home turning off the light on the way out. But suddenly THE COMPUTER TURNED ITSELF ON!!

I couldn't believe it! How did that happen. I thought a hacker had broken in. Or perhaps there was some other explanation...

I turned it off again and quickly ran from the house.

When i returned i came in and tunred on the light and suddenly THE COMPUTER STARTED AGAIN! It new i was there and resurrected itself.

It was quite frightening.

Now, you probably think that there must be some logical connection. And the brighter ones amongst you probably are surmizing that there is some kind of link, preternatural or otherwise, between the computer and the light switch.

But how can you explain the computer TURNING ON IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT WHILST I AM ASLEEP?!

If you have any ideas or suggestions as to what I should do with this posession I would be glad to hear.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


very busy

I am very busy now.
I think that I will not be able to write much till mid january.

I hope you come back and if you like you can write a comment then.

Thank you if you visit!


Sunday, December 05, 2004


Good Pot !


good pot

Would you like a cup of tea?

If i could have a cup from this pot I would be very happy indeed. It is handsome, don't you think? I saw it in the national museum in beijing. It alomost looks a botched job, as if it is going to collapse in upon itself, that the symmetry has been lost. But in fact it is a masterpiece! I would like to feel this pot warm in the palms of my hands and experience the weight roughness of the clay and the gnarled design. I want to watch how eagerly the tea runs out from the spout and to hear the sound of the pot being replaced.

Saturday, December 04, 2004


eat dogs

These ones are meant to be the best. Many other firms have tried, but these are meant to be great. Oh! I want one now! Perhaps I should start a stand!


La Folie

Ton vehicule n'a pas l`air d`avoir de passager
Peux-tu: Veux tu me recevoir
Sans trop te deranger?
Mes bottes ne feront pas trop d`echos dans ton couloir
Pas de bruit avec mes adieux
Pas pour nous les moments perdus
En attendant un uncertain au-revoir
Parce que-j'ai la folie, oui c'est la folie
Il etait une fois un etudiant
Qui voulait fort, comme en literature
Sa copine, elle etait si douce
Qu'il pouvait presque, en la management
Rejeter tous les vices
Repousser tou les mals
Detruire toutes beautes
Qui par ailleurs, n'avait jamais ete ses complices
Parces qu'il avait la folie, oui, c'est la folie
Et si parfois l'on fait des confessions
A qui les raconter - meme le bon dieu nous a laisse tomber
Un autre endroit, une autre vie
Eh oui, c'est une autre histoire
Mais a qui tou raconter?
Chez les ombres de la nuit?
Au petit matin, au petit gris
Combien de crimes ont ete commis
Contre les mensonges et soi disant les lois du coeur
Combien sont la a cause de la folie
Parce qu'il ont la folie

Can you understand these lyrics? They are from my favourite band: the stranglers. They are singing about a japanese man that fell so madly in love with a french girl that he ate her. It is a true story. The very, very romantic music is from their album La Folie, which is all about the different kinds of love. The singer in this case is from Belgium.

Friday, December 03, 2004


would you like to buy a hot dog?

I was thinking about the life of a hot dog salesman. I tried to understand the economics of the job but I can't figure out how anybody does that job full time. With my calculations i think you could only do it from time to time and would need another job.

It is interesting to me as i would like to sell pure vegetarian hot dogs.

To have a reasonable life, a very modest one in New York, somebody would need $40,000 a year in profit.

I gather that at a stadium in the usa people would pay $5 for a dog. Lets say that the raw ingredients for the dog cost $1, so that is about $4 profit per dog.

Somebody would have to sell 10,000 dogs a year. If we had 2 months holiday a year then that would work out to be 1000 dogs a month.

4 weeks a month equals 250 dogs a week.

5 days a week is 50 dogs a day.

10 hours work a day (!) would mean 5 dogs an hour.

That means


every 12 minutes, every hour, ten hours a day.

So I wonder how anyone could sell hot dogs for a living.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Peruvian Hat Hair!

Sunday, November 28, 2004


Hello Kitty! Which one do you like best? I like the second from the top. Do they have names?


Hello Kitty

I saw some super cute hello kitty stamps at the post-office today.

I bought some for christmas cards. I like hello kitty. I would like to get a hello kitty phone accessory for christmas.

I think of Ayumi Hamasaki's Teddy Bear song when I see those cute stamps. :)


everything is rubbish

I would like to take a sack, put everything in my house inside, tie it up and drop it into the bottom of the sea.

Everything I own apart from a few things is a waste of space. I like the idea of having a set of robes like a monk and thats that. No other clothes. But a few of the things i have i do love. Like my computers and camera.

Friday, November 26, 2004


The Usual Friday Feeling

I am at my computer.

My eyes ache. If I close them they want to stay closed. If I reopen them the ache returns.

No energy in my limbs.

My face is contracted with the stress of a week's early rises, commuting and work.

If i go to sleep now i will wake up late tomorrow and have wasted half the weekend.

I don't want to speak. Too tired. I don't want to interact with anyone.

Thursday, November 25, 2004


The last 4 cookies ... how did they survive so long?


Water cooling with double heat sink - sorry about terrible pic


6" Sanyo Extractor fan for cooling cookies


Close up of water cooled, air chilled heat sink cookie

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


water cooled cookies with heat sink

I enjoyed baking cookies.

Waiting for them to bake is bad enough but then also having to wait for them to cool with their smell drifting through the air is too much so i used my computer modding technology to cook the cookies and reduce latency.

I don't have a fan in the oven so couldn't speed up the baking process through convection cooking.

What i could do though was use a thin aluminium foil tray to act as a heat sink when the cookies were out cooling. THe rim on the tray is high, about an inch and the circumference is about 40 cm so that works quite nicely. It is highly shiny so radiates well too. I positioned the 'heat sink' under my 30cm extractor fan that is positioned over my cooker. This provides a good air flow over the cookies and adds a wind chill factor. As we all know from our physics lessons conduction through water is a better way to channel heat than convection and radiation so i situated the aluminium tray in a plate of water. The plate works well, providing a good surface area for heat dispersal and the contact between the foil and water is perfect as the weight of the cookies sink the tray into the water. The specific heat capacity of water is high but for maximum effect the water in the plate requires replacement after about one minute. I will try and hook up a hose to the plate for my next batch.

The cookies were great by the way. Vegan, using crisco vegetable fat, vegan egg replacement powder and Giordanni cookie mix.

I enjoyed eating the dough with my finger too.



I am having the day off today. It is a national holiday.

At a party yesteday i enjoyed picking up sushi with extremely long chopsticks. Many people admired my kilt as i did this.

It is sunny. I am thinking about the future. I must check my lottery ticket.

Sunday, November 21, 2004


good places to poke

Recently i have been poking my head.

I find that there are a couple of good spots to poke at the back. If you would like to find this good spot you can put your hands on each side of your head and then have the tips of the middle fingers touch at the crown. Then start pressing around where your thumb tips are.


rude people

In a conversation today i had a delicious hot feeling like very warm oil being poured over my heart. This was anger. Strangely it was a quite pleasant sensation. It is not often that somebody is so blatantly rude to me. It is so unusual i had to wonder what kind of hatred or pain prompted it. How can anybody be callous or offensive and expect things to remain civil?

Another thing crossed my mind as i was thinking about this.

Somebody else i was in conversation with clearly held me in contempt. Here the striking thing was the contrast between my own feeling and theirs. Usually regards are reciprocated and it is strange when they are not, don't you think? It makes me wonder.

One other person i was in conversation with was hard to believe at all. It was almost pointless having any discussion at all. Anything spoken was fanciful.

I wonder why i speak with people at all. In fact, it tends to be that i only ever end up listening to them. They rarely wish to hear anybody else. Why do i listen to them? I don't know. You tell me.

Saturday, November 20, 2004


Modern Art

My laundry is in a gigantic pile on the kitchen floor. This puts me in the running for the Turner Prize, I think. :)

I didn't want it to go mouldy (again) so i have draped the sheets and underwear over the doors, chairs and wall fixtures.

Now as i walk through the kitchen i am almost in the Tate gallery.

Friday, November 19, 2004


The Leaf

I am still waiting to find out whehter i have won the lottery.
It is small by english standards, but still a hefty sum of money. I might be able to find out tonight.

In the meanwhile, i ate a salad. How rare it is for me to tuck into a lettuce.

My cell phone battery has run out.

Thursday, November 18, 2004


Cali - somehow he is holding that ball


Titicaca - it is a land where time stands still


Titicaca - it is a land of time gone by


TIticaca - lake island


You were fun to talk with


TIticaca - friends for ever


Titicaca - Well earned rest


Titicaca - oblong pupil


Titicaca - remember, we were tryin gto get you, the flower the doorway the window *and* the sea in...? hahah!


TIticaca - now this is more like it :)


Titicaca - more profile please


Titicaca - what exactly were they doing?


Titicaca - does it ring your bell?


Titicaca - an amazing journey the teachings of this man have had


Titicaca - can we smoke it?


Titicaca - portal


Titicaca - i like it!


Titicaca - i wanna pull those pig tails


Titicaca - it suits you somehow


Titicaca - good luck with the business dream!


Titicaca - speaks spanish too...


Titicaca - This dude has Las Vegas sewn up!


Titicaca - i loved to hear your beautiful accent :)


Titicaca - je t'aime


TIticaca - Vive La France!


Titicaca - not a line on her brow


Titicaca - zipped up


Titicaca - feeling the andes wind like a condor


Titicaca - what is she dreaming?


Titicaca - if i had got the image stability model... or had a stiff one


TIticaca- Hoot zoh


TIticaca - you want to enter?


Titicaca - still standing after all this time


Titicaca - ascend


Titicaca - could you make this?


Titicaca - enclosures


Titicaca - good grief, one of my artistic ones escaped onto the blog! I will have lots more 'art' photos for you later when i get my other server sorted

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